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Well, Glenys requested more details and photos. Can't oblige on the latter, so you will have to imagine me in purple balldress (as seen here), with a black velvet scarf and a sparkly handknitted fluffy evening bag, plus lots of glitter. And Mike dressed alternately in a French policeman's outfit and in flouro yellow swim shorts with a Terrorvision tour tshirt. The occasion? Mike's appearance in the Caius May Week Show, and mine in the black tie audience.

Arrived far too early and discovered Mike's mum and I were sitting in the back row, which wasn't the best of seats but never mind. The show itself is a tradition which has been going on for a while now, and Mike's been in it for 6 years running now, which is a record, and not bad given how long ago he graduated. His friend Henry has directed the last three, which is part of why he's been invited along, and the policeman role has become something of a running joke. So what they put on this year was "Divorce me, Darling!" which apparently is a sequel to the more well known "The Boy Friend" which they did a couple of years back. Lots of girls on holiday without their husbands, one husband on holiday without his wife, old friends catching up, husbands and wives turning up unexpectedly, and ensuing misunderstandings galore, plus a plot to blow up a South American president, *obviously*. Anyway it was most amusing, and surprisingly polished for something which had been knocked up in such a short time and for which I was assured the dress rehearsal was appalling. Hortense, Bobby, Freddie and Hannah in particular were great, and much of the rest of the cast very good. And the script had been tweaked slightly to add lots of little college in jokes (which I didn't get but much of the audience did) and Cambridge accents (The line about Aunt Hilda not approving because Hannah *shock* went to _Oxford_ cracked me up). Anyway I had a nice time and a nice chat with Mike's mum beforehand and during the interval.

And afterwards Mike came out and said hi while the rest of the cast were getting on with the heavy lifting part of clearing up, and we kept Henry company while he faffed and got all his stuff together, and then we headed to the cast party where I sneaked past the "bouncer" by saying I was helping (well, I was carrying some of Henry's stuff). There I bumped into various people I knew (Henry, Olly, Phil) and met several new ones (Helen, Eleanor, Tim, others whose names I missed or forgot) and we drank punch and chatted and had a lovely time til they threw us out. (Oh and I apparently caused a certain amount of amusement: Professor Malcolm Smith who I think they said was Treasurer or similar of the music society was there as a guest, he apparently has a bit of a reputation for boring people, but since his office is three doors down from mine at work I thought I'd say hi and had a brief chat with him. Until he apparently got bored and moved on :-). Anyway we helped carry some stuff back to Henry's room, and I had a nice chat with Helen about what she's planning to do next year, since she's studying law. And then it was late and time to get a taxi home in bare feet, being careful not to leave my shoes behind. A lovely evening.

So that was Sunday night. Yesterday was rather sleepy as a result, but I got plenty of odds and ends done at work, including interacting with a particularly awkward user by phone. And then Mike and I met up with Ned and Beth for a couple of drinks and some dinner in the Carlton. I can recommend the moussaka anyway. And the milkshakes. And then we headed home to attack Mike's head with evil chemicals before bed. Another lovely evening. And cycling in this morning with bare arms in the morning sunshine was just glorious. Definitely "this is the life" territory.

Tonight I plan to pack, and then tomorrow lunchtime we're Glastonbury bound on the train. Woo! Are we all excited yet?
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