Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Brief life update

Quiet night in Friday, knitting then sleep at a ludicrously early hour. Mike back Saturday so spent afternoon at his, then evening having curry with the returning sailors, Beth and Becky at the Saffron. Mmm curry. Another fairly early night then a lazy day today. V late lunch of excellent chilli chez ned and beth. Then Mike headed off to his mum leaving the rest of us to eat yummy icecream until we felt like exploding. Jamie headed off around 7 to drive home, and I went home for an evening of geeking and knitting, plus some research and sums on what the bills here cost and what rents for double rooms are like in Cambridge at the moment. Bed now. Tired. Lovely to have Mike back around anyway, even if he's off again next weekend :-)

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