Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nice day

OK yesterday started too early with a 9am hairdresser's appointment. But I spent the day pottering about making my hair be shorter and a nice colour (magentaish purple all over) and then a very pleasant evening at the beer festival with lots of lovely people, nice beer, a half of cider before it ran out, and some excellent fish and chips. Lovely to see Ed and Jamie, and to get to know Phil and Olly better, and to meet Crispin properly, as well as Mike's French colleague Florian and an Italian friend of his called Laura (imagine the accent). Of course there were lots of people I knew well already as well, and it was nice to play social butterfly a bit and chat to them all. Had a really nice time. Then back to Ned's for a drink and a gossip before bed. Even got a longer lie-in than expected this morning, due to much faffage on the part of the boys going sailing. And now I've left Mike playing aliens with Ian and waiting for the others to arrive and whisk him away for a week. No doubt I'll miss him but it's been a fond farewell.
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