Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Where I met my LJ friends

Various places, some online, some IRL, some a bit of both. The places in vague order of time, though they kind of all overlap a bit. Where people could be in more than one they're mostly in the earliest. Except the people I've met through specific other people who I don't associate with where I met them.


addedentry, anat0010, beckyc, beingjdc, bopeepsheep, brrm, daneel_olivaw, davefish, fivemack, hsenag, imc, j4, jiggery_pokery, julietk, jvvw, nou, nou_cooks, rejs, ms_saffie, sampiano, smallclanger, taimatsu, telpher, truecatachresis, uon, venta, verlaine, womble2, zenithed, headpiping, smallbeds

bellinghman, bellinghwoman, damerell, entropyjim, ewx, fanf, gmh, k425, mobbsy, natural20, perdita_fysh, songster, totkat, totkat_org

3c66b, aardvark179, acronym, aldabra, angua, antinomy, arnhem, angoel, atreic, bjh21, bonsai_cow, boyofbadgers, cammuppet, catyak, ceb, cjwatson, claroscuro, covertmusic, crazyscot, duncanneko, ottah, emperor, feanelwa, filecoreinuse, fluffymormegil, furrfu, geekette8, ghoti, glitterboy1, gnimmel, kaet, kathypuss, keirf, kitty_goth, lark_ascending, kaberett, lusercop, maption, meirion, mjg59, mpinna, mst3kgirl, mtbc100, naath, nassus, new_brunette, newcat, p_a_r_a, pir, pjc50, pm215, pseudomonas, ptc24, razornet, rillaith, rmc28, saraphale, satanicsocks, senji, sesquipedality, shazamcupboard, simonb, simont, sion_a, slakko, sphyg, stu_dio, tea_cantata, teleute, tienelle, timeplease, vyvyan, acroblog, stephdiary

Via rjk

Via Becky
mich_k, wendym

Via Mike
aidehua, greenboi, elb98rm, jamiecollin

besskeloid, bigtonyd, burkesworks, caramel_betty, hairyears, hoiho, juggzy, youngbloke, missjudas, nja, noradre, oldbloke

ali_in_london, atommickbrane, marnameow, sbp, shadow_jess, skorpionuk

chickenfeet2003, fantasygoat, yonmei
Tags: meme

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