Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Personal digital audio players

Looking for hints and inspiration and advice. This is what I posted to cam.misc:

OK, I've decided to finally have a proper look at personal digital audio players, with a view to maybe actually even buying one. So far if I want a 40GB model I'd probably go for the iRiver H140 or iAudio M3, both from L239.99


And if I'd rather have something a bit cheaper there're 20GB versions, from 179.99:


or even cheaper but less nice the Rio Karma, from 129.99:


If I want more battery life the iAudio M3L seems identical to the M3 but with 35 hours life instead of 14. Only while I can find somewhere selling it for only a tenner more than the M3 20GB it's not one of the cheaper sellers (219.99):


Can't see an M3L in 40GB anywhere.

Anyone have any advice? (I'm specifically looking at players that will do Ogg Vorbis, since my current music collection is largely as oggs and it would save a lot of time in converting them all! Current collection is around 30GB, which makes the 40GB players more realistic I guess, but I'm a cheaparse)

ETA: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~eleanorb/temp/ogg-players lists results so far with prices. Also discovered the MPIO HD300 20 and 40GB players, but they're a bit more expensive, though they have nice styling and claim good build and sound quality.

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