Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Good things


Beth: who is a sweetie and sent me a present of a CD to cheer me up randomly. And has invited me to go get waxed with her while the boys are off sailing. Will think about it.

Dinner: cheese stuffed mushrooms with avocado/tomato/mozzarella salad, and rhubarb wine. Cassoulet (a rich beany stew, made with garlic, smoked bacon, sausages, lambs and tomatoes, and cooked til the lamb just melts in the mouth) with fresh french bread and elderberry wine. Pineapple, strawberries and marscapone with silver birch wine. Considering mailing lurgashall winery and saying what a lovely meal it made.

Company: drinking lots more wine and playing DJ with Mike, Ned, Beth and Mobbsy after dinner.


Nice people: like E-J and Mike who both made sure I had a supply of ADs, and provided a quick gossip and a hug and some great music. Scissor Sisters cover of Take Me Out: wow!

Dr Who: last week and this week's episodes both watched today and I enjoyed them both. The most recent one definitely behind-the-sofa material if I were a kid!

Quiet night in: chilli and red wine and Helen and rjk for company, then a pleasant evening geek shopping for ogg players, a portable cd player for my room (preferably with audio in for the former:) and a new monitor. Nothing bought but several things bookmarked.

Sleep time now I think. If anyone has recommendations on the waxing or the shopping I'll be pleased to hear them!

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