Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


That's a lot of furniture moving, and a lot of stuff moved too. OK so all my clothes are now in one enormous heap on the floor, which is suboptimal, but that can wait til tomorrow to sort out. Or maybe later if I'm busy having a dinner party, though at least the main course is sorted. Spoke to my mum and dad anyway, and they weren't too much "I told you so" so that was OK.

CDs are now ripped:

The White Stripes/The White Stripes
LCD Soundsystem/LCD Soundsystem (though for some reason freedb thought it was bloc party's silent alarm. Um. Boggle)
Lemon Jelly/64-95
Idlewild/Hope Is Important
Death in Vegas/Scorpio Rising

Bit of a random bunch. No time to listen to them all now though, will have to wait too. Shower then bed I think.
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