Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Busy days

Yesterday David decided he fancied some company getting drunk, in the Oakdale. So a small bunch of us looked at train times, and stations, and routes from stations to the pub, and decided that actually going down to Haringay for the evening wasn't such a completely mad proposition. So off we pottered for the 18:25 train to Finsbury park. Ian, Rach, Matthew, Tony, Mobbsy and I had a pleasant trip down, then most of us cycled over to the pub while Rach and Matthew got the bus. And thence a very pleasant evening in the pub. Lots of lovely Minotaur to drink (chosen partly for dark yumminess and partly for being mild and hence not too intoxicating). Great home made burgers. And nice company, since David had been joined (oddly enough:-) by Steve, and we were later joined by Rebecca and Colin.

Much talk of weddings, since 5 of those there are getting married in more or less the next year. A rather wonderful line about Matthew's "Enormous Baroque Organ". Much flirting (tut tut). And more beer. Mmmm beer. It was a lovely evening. Rach and Emp headed off for the 22:55ish, Ian and Tony for the 23:11, and Mobbsy and I stayed to the bitter end, with a selection of great (and gothy) tunes from the jukebox, and a jugful of Jupiter on Steve after hours (we'd drunk the Minotaur dry). Cycling back to the station reminded me just how flat Cambridge is. Or rather that it has nothing in the way of *long* hills, only short and occasionally steep slopes. And we had an entertaining hour and a half on the train talking about everything under the sun, and having to shift the bikes everytime anyone wanted to get on or off or wander through the carriage to the loo. It was a lovely way to end a great night. And great to see David too. You get to talk more in the pub compared to BMovie.

Anyway home through the rain and accidentally woke Mike, who didn't realise it was quite so late (nearly 2am) until I told him today. He seemed not too displeased to see me anyway, not even in the morning when it transpired he'd been unable to get back to sleep properly. Poor love. Have informed him that next time if the quilt's too hot and in the way he should throw it on the floor. I'm almost always happy with just the duvet anyway. Still despite us both being tired we managed to drag ourselves into work and I think we both had reasonably productive days anyway. Mine was much better than yesterday anyway. And punctuated by an excellent lunch with Jan at Teri Aki, which we should go to more often. Vegetable Tempura and Edamame for starters (they *say* they'll bring everything as soon as it's ready, but this worked out as a starter anyway), then I had sirloin beef and vegetable yaki udon (thick yummy pan fried noodles), and Jan had a rather lovely look Udon soup with breadcrumbed pork, and of course tea to drink. We were both somewhat late back to work really but it was well worth it. And while half the price again of lunch at Tatties it was easily more than twice as nice.

And now I've got a nice quiet evening in on my own. Tomorrow's main course is simmering away and will hopefully come out lovely (Ned, Beth and Mobbsy are joining Mike and I for dinner, which is a bit alarming if I think too hard about how well they cook!). And I've got a little stack of CDs arrived from Amazon to rip. Even if it's just got confused about what one of them is! And if I'm lucky I'll find time to rearrange some furniture and clothes and ring my mum. Since I still haven't told her my news.

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