Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

I am not entirely useless.

I've only been meaning to learn how to do this for *years*.

Open door on camera labelled with a picture of a flash card. See little tab with an arrow on it. Try pushing, nearly break thumbnail. Ooh look it lifts. Erm now what. Fiddle fiddle. Oh *push* it into the camera. Like *that* was obvious. Out pops flash card. Put card (right way round) in dongle thing, type "df" nothing obvious camera-like. Look in /etc/fstab, "mount /camera" ooh look, a filesystem with pictures on. And now they're in http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~eleanorb/temp/pics/

Several from the other night's knitting escapade (I have a set of circular knitting needles. The plan is to knit a strappy top by knitting a tube on them and then making straps. That was my first attempt. Realised it wans't going to work so took it off the needles, and then realised how much too big it was. Also includes me and Naath trying to unravel it). And a couple of really crap attempts to take a picture of the dress that arrived from ebay (dress) which didn't come out too well due to a) flash in a mirror and b) no flash when it's dark.

I may try again later. For now I can feel briefly technologically competant. And wonder why I never asked rjk to just show me.

ETA: ah yes, the last two taken with the timer from the computer room windowsill at least show the dress a bit better, even if they're not in focus. At least it wasn't a waste of time for its original purpose, as well as a fun learning experience :-)
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