Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


OK, jetlag is *not* catching, so I'm not quite sure why I feel so tired and run down today.

Had a nice long chat with Jamie (now jamiecollin wooooo!) on irc last night, which left me feeling a bit better in some ways. Amongst other things talked about music, and its ability to be depressing or not. For me it seems that so long as I'm in a reasonable mood already then even songs with depressing lyrics can be uplifting, especially if they've got a good tune. And sometimes even the saddest, while bringing a tear to the eye of this soppy creature, can give you a feeling that the world is a wonderful place. And other times the lyrics don't impinge on me at all. I never find Radiohead depressing.

Work good so far today, but will have to see how I go this afternoon now the routine is out of the way and I've lost Thursday's momentum. Quiet night in with Mike tonight while he writes up more of the trip report. Neither of us fancies pizza particularly.

But I *do* wish I was less tired. It would make it easier to believe the things I know are true.
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