Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Lovely Saturday!

Lie in, lunch, knitting, met Mike at the station and spent the afternoon with him, Clare and Ian kindly cooked us dinner, then over to Jan's for the birthday party, which was pleasant, even if I was sad at Andrew still avoiding me. Too much politics talked really but some of it was interesting. Had fun drawing silly things on the white board, doing an en masse Badger-Badger thing live action in then kitchen with wonderful masks provided by August. And a pleasant quiet sit down in the living room with historic Love Hearts sweets to pass out. The one which says just "2000" has been kept for posterity. And I was amused to accidentally completely fumble and drop the one which said "Catch Me". Came home around midnight and tried not to wake Mike up too much. He slept through til 2ish today, and I feel like I've had a bit too much sleep as a result. But it's been *lovely* to catch up with him again, even if he is impressively rough with jet lag today. Crumpets and potato cakes and coffee for breakfast, and entertaining weather to watch, with the radio on now while Mike starts ripping his new CDs for his shiny new ipod.

And I'm just so happy. </vom>

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