Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

God I'm tired

Late and drunken to bed last night, it appears that sometime caffeine does have an effect on me, cos I seemed to have some trouble getting to sleep. It did mean I got to listen to the storm and see flashes of lightning through the curtains though - pretty impressive. Today I've done some tidying, caught up on last night's telly and been out and fettled my bike. Quite a few jobs all in one there: cleaning the rims and then replacing the brake blocks; cleaning and relubing the chain; cleaning the frame a little and applying some shiny stickers; and removing the mounting kit for the old bike computer, attaching the new one, checking the wheel circumference, and setting the Mity 8 up. And then a quick spin up and down the street just to test it out. All very satisfying anyway, and nice to be out in the fresh air. But now I'm feeling very sleepy, and wondering about food, and if meeting people at the Carlton at 8 is a sensible plan. No doubt anyone reading this will be welcome to join Peter Benie there anyway, since he just suggested it on irc. Feeling a bit bad about leaving people out of things by not just inviting everyone to BBQ yesterday, but then it's not that big a bbq (or garden) and I just couldn't face coping with people who need to keep their food separate from everyone elses, or with a big party, so sorry if you were left out :-/

Perhaps I should curl up with a book. Not been reading much lately. (Nor updating LJ with the books I have read. Must do that at some point). Still umming and ahhing about Poptimism next Thurs. Do-able if I take Friday off, but I feel bad taking holiday when I've just been off sick so long. And will I even have enough energy to enjouy it much?

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