Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Auto-interview - part II

3: what's the most ridiculous item of clothing in your wardrobe?

I think this has to be the pink fluffy dress. And I mean fluffy. Saw it in the Electric Market in Camden while shopping with Jan in my thin phase and couldn't resist. It's a sort of tshirt dress shape, low scoop neck, and knitted in the fluffiest yarn you could imagine. Leaves pink bits everywhere. I love it. Thought of wearing it to Kate's fluffy things themed birthday party, but while it's wonderfully stretchy it ended up far too short to be respectable even on me, and that's saying something. I look forward to wearing it again. I don't think I have any photos of me in it, but if anyone does have then I'd love to see them. The "Silicone Free" tshirt is pretty silly too, especially since it always seemed to read "ilicone fre" to anyone looking at it. That came from an earlier camden trip.

Silicone Free

My most extravagant items are the New Rocks, the fairygothmother corset and the floor length purple suede skirt. Although the latter was half price and "only" 50 quid, so a bit of a bargain really, if you ignore the fact I only wore it about twice before it got too small for me again, and I have to be really careful about not marking it. Suede is not practical. But it *is* beautiful. And as for the corset well, it was worth every penny and I *will* fit in it again at some point. And hey, I was wearing it when I met Mike so it has nice memories that way too.

Corset and boots

And clothes with memories, that's a good one. I remember shopping with Sarah Blake for this dress for my 21st birthday. This was the one where I went home for the weekend and we went out for a posh Sunday lunch to celebrate at a rather nice country house hotel in Yorkshire: the sort of place that has little discreet notices in the lobby saying "Could gentlemen please where a jacket and tie in the public rooms" and asking for mobiles, laptops and "similar devices" to be switched off. We had G&Ts and olives and nibbles in the nice lounge, then went through to the dining room for an excellent lunch. And I there's still a slight stain on the front of the dress from the gravy with the quail I had as a starter, because I managed to poing it all over the place. And they piped "Happy Birthday" in chocolate sauce round the edge of my pudding plate, which was sweet. And we retired to the lounge again for coffee and petit fours. And Eddie Izzard was sitting at a nearby table: in leather trousers and black polo neck and no tie! And my sister threatened to follow him to the loos and mug him for his trousers. It was a wonderful lunch and I won't forget it in a hurry. And the picture, well it was taken as I was losing weight and could finally get back into the dress in question, and in fact it was already almost too big. A smallish size 18. I think I passed it on to Karen at one point, but perhaps I should see about getting it back once I'm a little slimmer again.

Lilac dress

Then of course there are the pictures with no clothes at all, but that's another story.


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