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Not an interview

I can't be bothered with the interview meme that's going round: it's been done before and you and up trying to think of dozens of interesting questions for all your friends and failing miserably. But some of the questions being asked of other people occasionally pique my interest and make me want to write something about myself, so I guess you could consider this to be an auto-interview...

1: what is the earliest crush you remember having?

I had a couple of boyfriends in junior school, and some friends who were boys who lots of people assumed were boyfriends, but it wasn't until much later that I had my first serious crush. My junior school was in the catchment area of two different secondary schools, so the people I knew in my old school were split half and half between the two, and in the end it turned out there were a total of I think 6 girls going to my school. 5 of them ended up in Mrs Buchanan's class QBC. I was in QMC with Mrs McKeown (Each year had a letter, my sisters were in S and U). Not quite sure how that happened, except that in our preferences I'd asked not to be with Alex because I didn't like her. I had asked to be with Jeanine though, cos she was my best friend, but still, one of those things.

So here I am in a form with no girls I know, and where the two boys from my junior school are popular sporty types (which I'm sure you can guess I was not) - Finny and Spud. Nice enough lads in retrospect but really not the type for me to be friends with. so I started to make lots of new friends instead, and to be honest I think this was a good thing. I was in a nice enough class anyway, and I did make friends, and there was quite a nice little semi-academic semi-geeky bunch that I got on with just fine. Not popular but plenty of friends. And one of that group was Phil. For some reason we spent the whole of the first year (or so it seems in retrospect) winding each other up: he called me "Polar Blair" I called him "Flip" - we both hated it. And it wasn't until the sponsored walk at the end of the year that I recall us even getting on at all.

But somehow, by the second year the teasing became light-hearted and we realised that actually we got on really well, and some time around Novemberish he asked me out. Wow! A proper boyfriend and everything, and me just turned 13. Thing is I was a pretty innocent 13 year old. We sat with each other in class, and friends joked about the "15 inches of daylight" rule if they caught us sitting close and cuddling during breaks. And I never did more than give him a peck on the lips as a kiss, since I just didn't know any more and was nervous. Amazingly it lasted right the way through to February, and I got my first ever Valentine's card from a boy that year. It said "Valentine you are the only one... ... all the others scored over 5". And that note kind of set the tone for the rest of the relationship: by his birthday on the 21st of Feb we'd split up.

But where does the crush come in? Well here's the embarrassing bit. It took me over 5 years to get over him properly. Eternal Flame by the Bangles was in the charts around then, Spring 1989, and I thought of it as not just my tune but "ours". I really did think I'd love him forever. All the way through the rest of school I had a huge crush on him. We'd get on OK for a while, and then I'd start thinking that maybe I'd have a chance with him again, but then he'd cotton on and start being nasty to me to scare me off. Then once that had worked and I wasn't mooning over him any more he'd go back to normal too and the whole little loop would start again. Bless. He was always just so much fun, and so much more *dangerous* than anyone else, in an exciting sort of way. We'd end up play-wrestling: despite the fact he was bigger, stronger, faster and meaner than me, and I'd always lose but I loved it. He went out with my best mate Cathie for a bit while we were in the 6th form and she was a 4th year, and I was going out with Turner, one of those things that I'd seen coming before either of them had a clue. I think I was a bit jealous. They didn't last long, not sure why. And he spent a while bringing my little sister flowers occasionally. Never did work out if he was trying to pull or just being odd. Later he was into drugs somewhat and I still thought that was kind of cool.

And these days? Well, I got over my crush in the end, probably at least partly because I actually pulled him in the summer of my first year at University, and well, I grew up and lost my hero worship of him. We still keep in touch now and then. And he's only gone and got back together with Cathie, 9 years on. They've got a little boy now, called Dylan. Funny old world. I'll always have fond memories of him anyway. There were other crushes through school in the "safe" bits, but none of them were quite so impressive

3. What musical events are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Glastonbury and Reading obviously. The former for Terry Reid and Van Morrison as well as the more acceptably trendy/indie choices. And Reading for the Pixies. If only I'd got more into them before they were playing London last year! Alabama 3 in Cambridge in May is going to be great too, though it'll be tough for it to beat this month's Terrorvision. I might have more cred if the Manics or the Tears had been my highlights but to hell with cred, Terrorvision were *great* and I love their stuff (she says, sitting in the tour tshirt). I think I've decided to give the folk festival a miss this year, it just doesn't seem to have quite enough to interest me this year. If the Avalon Stage lineup from Glasto were all there I'd be there like a shot, but I suspect I'll be doing other things at Glastonbury: the only trouble with such variety of stuff going on is you just can't see all of it. Also lined up for this year are NIN in July, which should be OK, but I'm not quite as fired up about. Vaguely thinking about November's Whitby, but not decided yet. And well, anything else as and when it turns up. Always happy for recommendations of gigs.

2) Marmite - Love it or hate it?

Ambivalent. No really. It's OK in small quantities now and then but too much is overpowering. Love twiglets though,

I might add more later if I see any more that I like.
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