Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


OKish day at work yesterday, feeling a bit grotty but coping. Then pleasant evening in the pub with *far* too much food (I can recommend all of the olives, the tempura, and the chicken burritos on the new menu in the Carlton BTW, but not all too much) and an impressive showing at the quiz, largely due to the impressive musical knowledge of one mr hoiho - we ended up being joint winners with 51 points! I mean we were fairly jammy with the joker round, but even so. Nice one. Then home for an early night which would have been more useful if I hadn't spent so much of the rest of the night coughing, blowing my nose, trying not to throw up or all three at once. Phoned in sick this morning and went back to bed, then spend the afternoon at home watching CSI and Law and Order on video and knitting. Still getting occasional holes dammit, ought to be better than that. And infuriatingly despite a warm cosy relazing day with appropriate drugs, plenty of fluids and some fairly real food I actually seem to be feeling worse now that I was this morning. Or mostly much the same but with added sore throat. Bugger. Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings. And I *am* going to spend the evening with Mike before he disappears for exciting forn parts, no matter how grotty. (Love his gig reviews BTW, far more interesting than mine).

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