Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

The Crying Game

Last night was the latest in our current string of gigs: The Tears at The Junction. Had a pleasant time at pizza beforehand, though I ended up a bit frazzled having a) accidentally derailed Mike's bid at a conversation topic without realising and b) got cross at Ian because he thought I was deliberately trying to wind him up. Then headed over to arrive in a coughing fit, which combined with the hair made up easy to spot for Jan and Owen to wander over and say hi briefly before we went in. Arrived only just before the support band began at 8. The Departures were actually pretty good, debut album due out this summer apparently and I reckon it'll be well worth checking out. Mike was rather bemused to realise he recognised three of their tracks from the radio, given he wasn't expecting to recognise as many from the headliners.

As for the Tears themselves, well, I wasn't as utterly knocked out as some were, but I really enjoyed it. No that sounds too much like damning with faint praise. They were brilliant and I had a great time. Brett seemed to be straining a little on the singing til he got the monitor earpiece turned up high enough, but there was some great material, wonderful guitar and great tunes, and it was lovely to see the two of them getting on and having a good time together. Quite a few of the people in the crowd near me were taking pictures, and there were at least a couple of moments I'd have loved a shot of: the pair of them sitting on the stage together singing and playing, and the moment right at the end with them practically hugging on stage as they played their parting notes. Quality. Only let down slightly by some of the crowd who'd come because they wanted to hear Suede songs, which was kind of not the point.

It's really weird being at a gig and not daring to yell at all though, for fear of setting off a coughing fit. Overall I stayed mostly OK once I'd acclimatized to inside. Being out in the cold was obviously a bad thing though, since by the time I got back to GR I was back to coughing so much I threw up, which is not fun. It did decide me I'd been wrong to try going back to work just yet though, and so I spent most of today asleep recovering somewhat. Quiet night in tonight and I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

ETA: A rather more coherent review of the actual music from j4.

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