Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Marna's quiz

The weekend past. Tell me;

A silly thing that was said and caused giggling.
Richard Cheese lyrics were sung along to and giggled at lots.

A place you went where you had fun.
The Carlton, for curry. Otherwise I mostly stayed at home.

A tasty thing you ate or drank.
Nice chinese on Saturday night, especially the sizzling beef in black bean sauce for it was perfect. And wonderful chocolates. And Ned's rum punch (roughly thirds of dark rum, pineapple juice and ginger beer, with a splash of bitters and a lemon thrown in).

A happy thing in general.
Having lovely friends and spending good quality time with them.

Today grey day of work. Tell me;

Where you are, and where you'd rather be.
I am: In my office, looking out over the grass and the trees next door, wishing it were sunny. I'd rather be: at home curled up in bed sleeping.

What you have eaten or will eat for lunch.
Ham and emmenthal baguette, packet of quavers and bottle of diet coke. I don't often have exciting lunches.

What you are doing.
Procrastinating. I've finished the things I was working on last week, and today's routine stuff, so it's a case of working out what to tackle next and getting started on it.

What your plans for this evening are.
Quiet night in with nice food, Richard, and CSI on the telly. Was thinking of going out to the Calling but clearly this would be insane.

Rest of week. Tell me;

A fun thing you are looking forrard to. (More than one thing, if you want.)
Lunch with Mike tomorrow. Dinner at Kirsten's with her, Col, Mike, Tony and Rachel on Thursday.

A bad thing you are not looking forward to.
Nurse's appointment on Thursday morning. Not too bad, but I expect to be prodded and poked.

A cunning plan you will be carrying out.
Buying glasto tickets on Sunday. I need to work out what the cunning plan is first though. I *will* succeed.

A variant on 'only x days until the weekend'.
It's Tuesday, so there's only 4 days this week!

And it is summer soon! Tell me;

The summer things that you are getting excited about already.
Glastonbury, Reading, maybe the folk festival.

The summer things you don't get excited about so early, but that will still be the best fun ever.
Sitting in the sunshine, punting, picnics.

The best things about summer.
Sunshine, warmth, icecream, swimming in the Cam, lots of things.

The worst things about summer.
Sunburn (mine) and hayfever (other people's) and days when it is too hot in the office.
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