Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Happy Easter

I seem to be the only person to have missed Dr Who. And I missed the boat race too (I gather we won, this is good, though of course if the other we had won instead I wouldn't mind too much. But Oxford have the better shade of blue anyway). I did however watch a couple of episodes of Blackadder II with rjk mid-afternoon yesterday, which I rather enjoyed. Definitely better than that first series I have to say. Queenie is great.

I spent the evening with Mike, pottered round his for a while then went out for chinese for dinner which was lovely, and back to his to drink amaretto by candlelight on his comfy new sofa. And he even fed me chocolate after midnight.

Today I have a gorgeous easter egg to attack, hopefully not too thoroughly, roast lamb for dinner, and a party to look forward to this evening. One guest is apparently wearing bunny ears. I dread to think what the rest will have come up with in terms of "something eastery". There's plenty of booze and chocolate and crisps and dip anyway, so even if no-one comes I'll have fun :-)

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