Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

MMM bridge

4 rubbers of very satisfactory bridge as far as I was concerned. Ross and Peter won 3 rubbers to 2, but two of those were fairly close fights, and by and large I was fairly happy with both my bidding and play, which is as much as I look for at the moment. We paused for pizza midway through, and pizza was followed by rather a large quantity of wine: aided by a trip out to the local tesco express where we bought 6 bottles of wine, two big bags of mini eggs, 9 creme eggs, a bunch of flowers and 20 AA batteries. I love mad shopping baskets. A very very pleasant evening in all, and hey, it *would* have been on quota if it weren't for the booze. Oh well :)

Chip butties and tiramisu for lunch: they do tend to cheat a lot on ready meals, and they're probably full of all sorts of rubbish, but Tesco's Healthy Living range can be dead handly for feeling spoiled on not too many cals. Proper tesco came round with vast heaps of food and drink, so I got to practice my 1337 practical topology skills (aka 3D tetris) on the freezer. The rest of the day will probably be fairly quiet I guess. Playing pattern and reading and hanging out on LJ and irc.

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