Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Nice quiet pub afternoon, all of us apparently feeling tired after karate or last night's drinking and lack of sleep. Excellent roast dinner anyway and some nice coffee too. And a couple of games of snakes and ladders with Benedict. There are three different boards in the pub and I'd not realised before that the little moral tales which go with each snake or ladder are the same on every board. Things like if you catch a lady up to give her the handbag she's forgotten and she hands you some money to say thankyou on one of the ladders. And the lad/lass stealing eggs/apples from a tree and falling out and hurting themselves on one of the snakes. They all have slight variations (like being bitten by the dog you're chasing, rather than spanked for chasing a pig) but they're all the same and even in the same places, and apparently (according to pseudomonas who knows some surprising things) they've been traditionally the same for 170 years. You learn something new everyday.

I also learned the damage from last night's eating and drinking. Overall for the week it's enough that I definitely deserve a slight gain (the quota is 3500 cals under what I would need to stay the same, and this amount is supposed to be about equivalent to a lb gain/loss - I'm more than 3500 over the quota, but not by much). Anyway the damage per day is as follows:

summary chart

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