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Weekly weigh in

This week I lost 1lb, but only just, which is slight disappointing given I was really good, but probably that's slightly a hangover from last week. The piece of treacle tart at lunchtime was probably slightly cheating too but I reckon it was worth 10 sins, and I had said to myself I'd have 80 rather than 70 if I needed them. Andrea won Miss Slinky, and looked lovely and definitely deserved it, though apparently I wans't very far behind in the voting. Never mind. Slightly disappointed about that too and cross at myself for it, since I know I shouldn't. And if I go overboard being daft rather than slinky then it's my own fault. Don't feel like cooking. Don't feel like doing much really. Oh well, will endeavour to cheer up again ASAP.

Over the past 11½ months of dieting I've lost 4st 2lb, which amounts to 27% of my starting weight - my current weight is 11st

My average loss a week is 1¼lb

My target weight is 10st 7lb. I am currently 0st 7lb away from this.

My current BMI is 24.75; my target BMI is 23.62.

The past 11½ months weight change
The past 4 months weight change
The past 11½ months BMI change
The past 4 months BMI change

See http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~eleanorb/weight/ for more details.

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