Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Freeze-frame friends

Shaun of the Dead on DVD++ It was excellent at the cinema, and just as much fun at home over a bottle of wine. And the latter had the advantage that we could play with the slow button and pause until we had a decent shot of Christi. Only then we crashed the DVD player. Fun.

Pleasant evening yesterday too, watched American Pie 2 with Mike with a different colour bottle of wine, then headed to the Carlton in time for a pint before chucking out, then home to his for a reasonably early bed. Nice to see people in the pub. Especially to see Jan cheerful and to see August again for the first time in ages.

B5 and a birthday party tomorrow. And pub with Becky on Sunday I think, oh, that's next week isn't it, doh! Nice quiet weekend really, just what I need.

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