Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Catchup - gig reviews: Electric Six and The Haunted

So, stuff. I did watch Spiderman on my own on Thursday after all, and then sent it back to the people I rent DVDs from, so apologies for those who missed it. Might get it out again in another few months and will be more organised then. Wonder what will turn up next.

Friday I already wibbled about, we watched Stargate on video while we were eating our chinese and it was most fun. I'd forgotten just how silly it was. Saturday I slept in late in an attempt to get rid of the cold, and had a pleasantly dopey day ending with chilli in front of the evening's crime telly. Sunday I woke up earlier, and got some washing done, I think we may have even finally killed the backlog! Dozed a bit on the sofa mid afternoon but was feeling *much* better than Friday or Saturday. Which was just as well!

Sunday night: Electric Six at the Junction! Supported by The Delphian Complex (band clearly stuck in Manchester timewarp c 1995. Would have benefited from lead singer having a hair cut. Fairly toe-tapping stuff if not remarkable anyway. Picked up their 3 track CD for a quid), and Make Good Your Escape (Very tight little outfit, drummer, guitarist, bass, singer - all very good at what they do. Beginning to be much more appreciative of good drumming than I used to be. Really enjoyed their set and was glad to catch up with them in the foyer later and tell them so and sign up to their mailing list. Must look up their website once I'm home with a soundcard).

Electric Six themselves were great though. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't really a row of fairly natty suits and a lead singer who feels like he could be your favourite uncle. Sipping wine and gesticulating with the full glass while he sang, and gradually wearing less and less clothes. There's a track which goes "Stop [pause] Continue" (which always makes me want to say "hammertime" after the "Stop" when I hear it on the album) and after the stop he was down to just boxers, the rest of the band filed off stage, and he picked up a guitar and played a track on his own, and one with just the keyboardist (who'd stepped right out of an 80s band - tight jeans, shiny sunglasses and all), and then the rest of the band came back and they played the end of the song. Neat trick. Good half a dozen or more songs I knew really well. Some great jumping up and down. And Radio Ga Ga is a cool cover. A really good night, and nice to see Wendy and to see Becky letting her hair down!

Of course being up late and bouncy and then eating when I got home (since I was rather short on cals) meant I didn't sleep too well, so was rather tired yesterday. But not too tired for another gig. This time The Haunted. And they were pretty cool too. Mike tells me they're thrash metal, and I'll take his word for it since I couldn't tell you one type of metal from another if you paid me. All I can say is that while I had a reasonable time through the two support acts I was beginning to feel like maybe I'd had enough metal for one night, and they proved me wrong. The sound was just *so* much better, not just noise but beautifully timed and played noise. And by the end I'd even got the hang of picking out tunes as well as rhythms. And yes, I do in general prefer to be able to hear the lyrics as words, rather than growling, but he was very good at it, and had a great stage presence too. A really unexpectedly good night, and ended early enough to go home and get some sleep too!

Tonight I'll be catching up on at least a couple of B5 episodes then watching CSI with rjk. A well earned rest. And probably another gig tomorrow, at the Portland: ADW is recommending it.

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