Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Meme: everything on my desk

A great meme for when you're feeling too uggy to think properly.

A computer.

Right of the computer: One arty print, mounted and framed. One arty print, mounted. One guide to http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/. One secondclass pre-paid encvelope addressed to Hotel Chocolat. One small folder full of greetings cards with a photo of me on the front, from http://www.photobox.co.uk/. One bag of Chocca Mocha coffee beans. 4 assorted notebooks and a 2005 diary. 5 tubes of white chocolate smarties. Half a bar of Green and Blacks 70% chocolate. 2 Milkybars. 2 boxes of minty poppets. A mousemat with Bagpuss on it. A mouse sitting thereon. One of a pair of computer speakers. Cables.

On the computer: 4 tickets for Terrorvision. A dead 80287 coprocessor. A keyring with a loud whistle on it. A box of Aquadrops citrus sweets. A spare battery for my mobile phone. A monitor. A cuddly greenfly called Freon sitting on the monitor.

Left of the computer: Receipts. 2 boxes containing DVDs from B5 season 4. The other computer speaker. A subwoofer. A cuddly duck thereon. A half used bottle of grapefruit sugar free squash. A ball of string. A card index box full of snail mail addresses. A rather distressed rubber duck thereon. A box of coloured pencils. A tin full of sewing kit. A half used box of soup in a cup thereon. A pencil tidy thing (more later). A tin of deodorant. An empty coke can. Another notebook. A mobile phone thereon. A roll of loo paper for blowing my nose on also on the notebook. 3 pencils and a pink pen. A small placemat. Richard's empty cereal bowl and spoon theron. A HMV playlist CD. A mini box of matches from Firefly bar in Leeds. A set of nail clippers. A rubber. A pink glittery bouncy ball. A broken necklace. A stack of mostly paperwork.

Stack contains: 2 large placemats. A blue folder full of joint account statements. A couple of loose statements. A letter from APU about my continued deferral of my MSc. A piece of scrap paper with my dinner from one day last week scribbled on it in pencil. An empty envelope. A packing note from John Lewis. A box set of Wayne's World 1&2 which contains two copies of Wayne's World 1 and needs taking back. Another list of dinner. A Christmas present for Andrew W wrapped in red paper.

Pencil holder contains: Dead batteries. Shiny purple sellotape. A tape measure. A peg. A thermometer. A pencil sharpener. A large black marker. Assorted other pens and pencils. A 30 cm ruler. A dried rose. A pair of scissors. Some cotton buds. A small set of stickers. A craft knife.

Well, that wasn't terribly interesting, was it?
Tags: meme

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