Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Wednesday I had a slight weird feeling in my throat when I swallowed, which is the precursor of a cold, without actually being a sore throat or necessarily even turning into one. Thursday I was a bit bunged up and could feel myself slowing down mentally as a result. Today I woke up feeling much the same

Knowing I had a review meeting at 9:40am dragged myself into the office through the snow, setting off early and wrapping up extremely warm. It was actually a moderately pleasant journey in. But James didn't make it in first thing: he had to wait until he was sure his son's school wasn't closed before setting off, and then waited til the chaos on the A14 had cleared. And unfortunately by the time he got in there was no way him or Sally could reschedule the meeting into the rest of the day. It did mean I got to deal with a user config issue at 9:45, inbetween *their* two meetings, which was kind of convenient, but still a bit of a nuisance.

Pleasant lunch in town with Mike (since he's away for the w/e) although I was somewhat spaced out. Headed back into the office and was just getting more and more spaced, so I finished testing the virus filter I'd written before lunch and then gave up and came home. Geeked briefly then headed to bed around 4. Now I'm awake again, rjk has organised food (mm chinese takeaway, *grin* excuse for this icon) so it's time to get back up. And instead of feeling better for my sleep I feel worse. Arse. I was *determined* this was just going to be a minor cold but it seems to be ignoring my wishes. Oh well, perhaps I'll be better tomorrow, and able to go to Simes' birthday party (sad as I am that Marna is ill and sbp has hence cancelled his it does make it easier to decide what to do!).

I *will* be well enough for Electric Six on Sunday evening.

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