Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Things to do:nice evening:weight

Spent today mostly gradually catching up with Flem! (don't read this at work boys and girls) but unfortunately I now seem to have run out. I will actually have to do useful things tomorrow like go rescue a parcel from the roayl mail depot, be in for Tesco to deliver some shopping, have lunch with Jan and buy more bandages and some big socks in town for Richard and get dressed up and make sin free food for my slimming class's party in the evening.

Just back from a nice evening at Jan's. Wish I could do more to help her feel less stressy about everything. She worried that I'll want more than just cuddles and that she isn't any good as a girlfriend if she's all stressed, but it was nice just to curl up and spend some time with her without having to rush off anywhere or feel like I had to be sociable with anyone else. I think you're lovely anyway sweetheart and I like just being with you, even if you're not the life and soul of the party at the moment. You're definitely not useless to me. *hugs*

We will have to have dinner or something at the beginning of a slimming week sometime though, Wednesdays are no good 'cos I've almost always run out of sins by then. Today I had all of 2 left for a milkshake when I got home. Hopefully I'll have lost some weight this week. If not then I guess I can blame the excesses of last week again. I have 2 more weeks after tonight before it's been a year that I've been going to this class, and it would be kind of nice to reach my target weight by then, but 8 lbs is probably too much to ask for and not a very healthy rate of loss anyway, so I don't think it's a serious aim.

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