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Eleanor Blair


Where was I? Goodness, quiet since Monday.

Lessee, pleasant evening in with rjk on Tuesday, we watched CSIs and ate a rather good pasta sauce, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday I had lunch with Mike at Tatties and then spent the evening with him too. Met up at his to catch up with each other briefly before heading to the pub for dinner - where I decided I fancied the steak and they happened to have a rather wonderful fillet steak on for a change, and excellent it was too and cooked to perfection. Then we ended up splitting up for the quiz, since it was only possible to pick two of a) having a sensible number of people on teams b) having everyone with people they knew fairly well, and c) having me and Mike on the same team. This however worked out well since Peter, Mobbsy and I ended up beating Jen, Ned and Mike with a very respectable 51 points, and only 2 points behind the anoraks. It was a rather easy one, and we had a couple of inspired guesses in the first round. Still, we do need to work out how on earth to do better on the dreaded picture round. Any idea how to train ourselves? Only drank a couple of pints but ended up feeling really quite blotto, which was odd!

Thursday night we were in the Carlton again - the usual Thursday pub night being rather different than usual since it was the beerfest. Over 40 beers in total I gather. I've got a sheet somewhere with some rather incoherent tasting notes. I think I tried three of them that night, but was rather feeling the strain of being tired and it being packed to the gills so walked Mike home to say goodnight in a bit more peace before heading home. Picked up my bike from outside the pub just as they were chucking out and got to see Sion make a snowman (1cm high) and have Duncan attempt to throw a snowball at me (it was about an inch across and stuck to his glove). Rather nasty indigestion again, it's been fairly bad all week.

Friday night I had a lovely night in with Richard, macaroni cheese (which he makes excellently) a packet of cheese straws that were lurking in the cupboard and a bottle of white wine, which was rather enjoyable. And we followed dinner with watching the most recently of my LoveFilm arrivals: I Robot on DVD. Now I can't say I was expecting it to be particularly good, but actually it was rather better than expected, though of course it was correct when it said in the titles it was only "suggested by" Isaac Asimov's story. Some of the CGI was great, and overall the image of a futuristic city was done rather well and moderately convincingly, which unfortunately only made some of the worse bits of CGI more disappointing. Still, a nice story quite well done, and interestingly despite having a lead male and female working together it didn't bother trying to throw in too much sexual tension of having them falling in love happily ever after at the end. Unusual touch. Pleasantly early night.

And Saturday it was almost full circle and back to the Carlton again. Mike and I were joined for lunch by Peter, and I just couldn't resist the pork pie which was on the festival menu. Yum. Worked through more of the festival menu and enjoyed lots of very pleasant half pints, plus the company of Simon T also trying out an interesting range of beer in terms of their newly added range of gluten/wheat free beers. Consider this a plug! We stayed from 1:30 til around 7:30 in the end, then headed over to Ned's for a party which turned out to be small but perfectly formed. Ned, Beth, me, Mike, Jenn and Jamie: a nice little group, a rather lethal rum cocktail, inedibly chillified gaucamole, excellent chilli with all the trimmings, too many sweets, and a selection of eclectic choons.

Had a nice lie-in with Mike, but dragged ourselves out of bed about 1pm to go and be sociable. Or sociable in his case anyway, in my case to spend the afternoon upgrading debian from stable (woody?) to sarge (aka testing) - confusing naming aside it went mostly well. I have a more recent firefox even if its fonts aren't quite perfect, and the only thing which was at all a bugbear was sorting out the configuration of fvwm2 since it has had rather a change. I've got it doing more or less the right thing now though I rather suspect it will be several days before I stop tweaking. The menu isn't quite how I want it, I want to tweak the window buttons a bit, and I am *so* going to get annoyed at this shade of pink, but I have reasonable functionality and have spent more than enough time faffing with it today.

Weight wise you can see from previous post that I've stayed the same this week. Mildly disappointing I guess, but overall I *have* been 3000 cals long again this week - all of those last Sunday and Saturday night. But at least I was well within quota the rest of the week which means I could have a great night out and not regret it. And it's a new week and a new start and today's not going to be a calorie-fest which means I won't spend the whole week trying to claw back Sunday's overindulgence this time. Still, the average weight curve is starting to go slightly the wrong way, and my actual weight is back above the average for the first time in weeks. Have to make sure I catch it here and this weight loss doesn't turn into just one of the other blips on the general upward rise. But I'm still motivated and keen so it should be doable.

Enough wibbling for now - time to finish catching up with the day's LJ then go find some dinner and perhaps something to watch on telly.

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