Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


(And hey, why has LJ switched me back to the Xcolibur scheme again? weird)


  • Long train trip
  • Pizza
  • Red wine
  • Mum, Dad, Emily and John for company
  • Nice comfy bed (so long as not sharing it)
  • Finished most recent of the Rebus novels before sleep


  • Breakfast with mum and dad
  • Beer, burger and chips and white wine for very late lunch with Steph, Dave and Hilary
  • Played pool for a couple of hours, and weren't too completely awful at it
  • Back to Steph's for tea and wine and dressing up
  • A couple of bars in town, joined by Kathryn, Nat, Emily and John
  • Thomas (French) and Heidi (apparently part Spanish) join us for dinner at La Tasca
  • Slow service but great Tapas, and a couple of glasses of wine
  • Much giggling and bopping along to the music
  • One last bar before getting a taxi back to Mirfield with Em and John


  • Woke up, only 9:30, went back to bed
  • Woken up again c 12:30!
  • Nice cup of tea in the conservatory before lunch
  • Cooked meat, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled artichoke hearts, stuffed vine leaves and nice bread and butter
  • Roast beef, roast veg, brocolli and mashed potato, with gravy and horseradish source
  • Home-made sponge pudding and custard
  • Yet more red wine
  • Train journey home, slightly spoiled by turning into bus journey halfway through
  • Directed bus driver to find the station - you think they'd give them better instructions. Cambridge station is badly signed though.
  • Home for dinner in front of last night's CSI:NY and L&O:SVU
  • Catch up with geeking and early night


  • Ug
  • Ordinary day back at work
  • Yay! Snow!
  • Yuk! Snow!
  • Home very soggy - heating on, dry trousers, cuppa and crumpets. Much better.
  • God know what I'll do for the rest of the day :-)

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