Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Right, just about time for a quick catch up

Kind of dopey sort of week. I seem to have avoided coming down with the horrible cold that kept Mike off work shivering for 5 days, or the slightly less horrible one afflicting Richard, but I do seem to have been very tired and run down instead. The weekend ended nicely with a night in with Richard and some nice steak and roast spuds, then started nicely on Monday with a night in with Mike and some nice steak again. Was good to cook something properly for a change, even if both the starter and main course were more assembling than cooking. Rest of week has been pretty quiet: telly last night and Tuesday, bridge round at GR on Wednesday. And today I'm heading off up North to celebrate my sister's birthday, which should be nice. Rjk's still becolden which is a shame. And Mike's in Rome, which I hope is pleasant. All packed, just need to grab coat, train tickets and bag on the way out, and as usual I have the feeling I must have forgotten something. No doubt it'll become clear later.

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