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Rammstein tickets were quite expensive as gigs go (25 quid plus booking fee) but they were worth every penny.

Apocalyptica were supporting, which is amusing given we'd seen them 6 days previously. They seem to have acquired an extra cello player from somewhere. Obviously excellent at cello, but not so practised at being m3t4l! They were good, but didn't have the rapport with the audience they did at their own gig. The set was an abbreviated version of the previous one, and finished on Hall of the Mountain King, which is a pretty good notes to go out on. I'm glad I went to the other gig too anyway, even if this time I got to see them rather more up-close and personal.

And then it was time for Rammstein: with roadies in american security type uniforms shining giant torches at the audience before the black curtain fell to reveal a spectacular set and a seriously goth looking band, with showmanship which contiunued throughout the gig. There were more pyrotechnics than you could imagine, from giant gouts of flame bursting from the stage and fireworks going off in the ceiling and from the drumkit to hand held flamethrowers, fireworks attached to serious leather gauntlets on the arms of the band and a rather terrifying mask with built in flamethrower so the lead singer could do a firebreathing type act, but with flames 10 or 15 feet long and *seriously* hot. You could feel every blast of flame scorching your face from 5ish layers back in the audience, which is where we seemed to end up, and right in the middle at that. I won't go into too much detail of the rest anyway since I know there are at least some people here who might be seeing them next week in Manchester or Nottingham. All I can say is "wow". They played lots of songs from Reise Reise, along with a bunch of previous hits, and it was great music as well as a fantastic show. We were shattered by the time we left and drenched with sweat but it was a brilliant gig. And Brixton Academy is a great venue.

This morning Mike had to get up at the horrendously early hour of 11am to head out with Ned to Witney and then Dorset to visit Jamie. I went back to bed, and didn't emerge properly til 4. I must have been tired. Probably spend the rest of the weekend pretty quietly. Should try get along to John's birthday party if I can, and Ian is talking about an ELOPP, but perhaps since rjk is feeling becolden we'll just stay in instead.

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