Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Weekend food diary

Saturday breakfast: (265 cals)

M&S chicken and bacon count on us sandwich

Saturday afternoon in the Turf: (2061 cals)

One pint Old Rosie cider
large chicken breast
2 slices bacon
est. 57g blue cheese
est. 400g chips
est. 100g onion rings
est. 200g sweets: mostly licquorice torpedoes

Saturday evening in Radcliffe arms: (1280 cals)

1/2 pint White Horse bitter
Jacket spud
2 slices garlic bread
pat of butter

Total for Saturday:

3071 Cals
96g fat

Running total for week:

Cals used: 18896
Cals consumed: 16719

Sunday brunch: (531 cals)

3 slices wholemeal bread
est. 10g flora white (fry bread in)
1/3 tin of baked beans
3 slices extra lean bacon
Mug of white tea

Sunday afternoon in G&D's: (685 cals)

Chocolate brownie
1 scoop dime bar crunch icecream
chocolate sauce
squirty cream
est 20g chopped nuts

Sunday dinner: (354 cals)

Tesco HL vegetable broth
2 slices wholemeal toast
40g HL extra light soft cheese w/garlic and herbs

snack: (116 cals)

1 belgian choc

Total for Sunday:

1957 Cals
70g fat

New running total for next week:

Cals used: 2634
Cals consumed: 1957


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