Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Since people have been talking lots about clients and so on as a result of the recent news I've been having a play. This post is from logjam - although I had to go to backports.org to get anything approximating to a recent version - the one in Debian stable is ancient and I tried installing the most recent from source but got lost in a twisty maze of dependencies all alike. It's a lot nicer than the old version anyway. Although it crashes everytime I try to get it to synchronize an offline copy of my entire journal!

I had a play with ljarchive from work though, it's a windows program at the moment which is a shame, but it did very quickly download all my entries from way back in 1989 to the present, with comments and all, and save them in a format which only took a few megabytes. It had a fairly good interface for browsing through them offline, and searching through comments as well as the entries themselves. I also used it to export an HTML version, but that was 29MB! It has an option for doing it month by month I think, which I might give a go.

I'm feeling terribly geeky as a result of all this, but at least I haven't spent the afternoon asleep for a change. I am really hungry though, despite breakfast, lunch and a large mid-afternoon snack. And not too huge a dinner to look forward to.

Funny really, with Mike being busy last night and busy at work all day today I haven't really talked to him much on irc and I'm missing him. He's off to London tonight though with Jen, to some snazzy work do of hers - sounded fun. Still, I get to see him tomorrow, which will be nice.

I don't seem to have a geeky icon.

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