Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Funny moods

Was surprised to find halfway through yesterday evening that I just wasn't in the mood to socialise with lots of people (ie 7 including me) which was strange. All people I know and like. Perhaps it's just that I've spent too much of the preceeding four days in company and just need a bit of a break. Nice to have a bit of me time anyway, even if I didn't actually do anything with it and just ended up dozing. Perhaps I was just tired. I hope it doesn't hit me the same in the middle of New Year's Eve partying.

Really enjoying the new CDs rjk got me for Christmas. The Nice Cave is *great*. And I've also downloaded all the Sultans of Ping after Marna pointed me at them (here). OK so I only actually know Where's Me Jumper? but I'm sure there's a chance I'll like the rest. And hey, it's music. I seem to be an addict :-) Speaking of which the Terrorvision tickets arrived today, so I can stop worrying about them being lost in the post.

Mike back in Cambridge this evening, so planning to go over and visit. Need to be back in the morning though, Tesco coming 12-2 and I seem to have made a rather mammoth order: partly cos there was nice booze cheap (finest Chablis 4.99 instead of 8.99 and 4 quid off a bottle of Tanqueray gin), and partly cos I've bought a gigantic stock of fresh fruit and veg and low fat this that and the other, in an attempt to kick start the being less fat plan. Not going to join a class at the moment. I will however start making my weekly weight update graphs public again. Encouragement welcome, though not too much in the form of "don't eat that" when I'm having something "bad".

For now I think I'm going to go ice the cake for tomorrow.

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