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Very tempted by the usefulness of some of the bins at http://www.homerecycling.co.uk/ - we're trying to be much better about recycling food waste in particular, and a segregated bin would be rather more elegant than a plastic box on the counter. Might be nice to have a couple of their stacking recycling boxes rather than a cardboard box under the kitchen table too.

Was moderately amused by sweh's results to the following little quiz so thought I'd try it myself. This is my favourite answer so far.

What The Hell Happened Last Night?
LJ Username
What did you drink?
You wake up in the morning next to: anat0010
...who is wearing: a collar and leash
...and rolls over to you to say: wait a moment... you said you were 16 on AIM!
...and then: takes the day off work to stay in bed with you
This cool quiz by joneccleston - Taken 144247 Times. </a>
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

And oops, I might have just spent some of my Christmas money (eg all of it) on Amazon. More on that when it arrives. Oh what the hell I may as well list it:

1 "Stealer of Souls" 
Diana Wynne Jones; Paperback; £1.00 
1 "Aunt Maria" 
Diana Wynne Jones; Paperback; £3.13 
1 "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents" 
Terry Pratchett; Paperback; £4.79 
1 "The Wee Free Men" 
Terry Pratchett; Paperback; £4.79 
1 "Modern Life Is Rubbish" 
Blur; Audio CD; £4.97 
1 "Impurity" 
New Model Army; Audio CD; £3.33 
1 "Pet Sounds" 
Beach Boys; Audio CD; £4.97 
1 "Southern Accents" 
Tom Petty; Audio CD; £6.97 
1 "Asleep in the Back [New Version]" 
Elbow; Audio CD; £3.33 
1 "Scissor Sisters" 
Scissor Sisters; Audio CD; £8.99 
1 "Hot Fuss" 
Killers; Audio CD; £8.99 
1 "Up All Night" 
Razorlight; Audio CD; £8.99 

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