Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


My bike is still not fixed. I ask bike shop for inner tubes. Bike shop asks what size, so I said to fit in 700x25c tyres, so she grabs inner tubes off shelf with no further ado and sells them to me. Yet when I get home I find that the thread on the valve is the *wrong size* to fit the lockring I have. Which means they're completely unusable, and of course by this point bike shop is shut so I can't ask them if this is a (semi-) expected problem and if I can easily get a lockring that will fit or if I'll ahve to buy different tubes or what.

Now do people see why I just take the damned thing to a shop when I have a puncture? I'm still going to have to sort out the tangle which is the chain and the little wheels at the back to get the wheel back on. And of course I'm going to have to spend another 1.80 on bus fare tomorrow.

Total cost so far L1.50 puncture repair kit, L3.75 tube, L1.80+L1.80+L1.00 busfares. It would have been cheaper too.

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