Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Strange evening

Spent far too much of it sitting around doing nothing owing to being neither at class nor at the pub. Should have remembered Vicky was planning on staying to class this week and stayed myself, but I forgot. Oh well. Nice to see people briefly anyway, and especially big hugs to simont (sorry if I was ignoring you too, but I don't get to see Jan any more often than most of the rest of you so she does tend to pre-occupy me a bit I'm afraid).

Fairly useful day I guess, shopping saefly arrived from Tesco, washing up all done (which is good, it was getting oppressive), nice food almost entirely sin free. Just one packet of cadbury's winter animals. Which at 4 sins for 8 ickle biccies is definitely much more fuin to eat than the chocolate suggestive biscuit it's the equivalent of. Even if it's not quite as impressive to be able to put them in your mouth whole.

Still occasional bouts of faffiness and moping. Must try to avoid them somehow, identify the bad thoughts and try and recognise when they're daft and think positive things instead. In good news I discovered an advantage in not being married: rjk can't sensibly threaten to divorce me if I threaten to do something nasty like stand on his poorly toe. I liked Vicky's description of the bandages as like something out of the Beano though.

Oh bugger, we have to get up early to get rjk back to the hospital to be redressed (*giggle*) bu 9:45am. Urg. I wonder if I'm up to driving in the rush hour? Doubt it somehow.

Looking forward to spending some time with Jan tomorrow evening though, whether we end up joining the others for Box of Delights or just inviting a couple of people round here for the evening.

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