Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Sunday night ill, and didn't sleep, so stayed off sick on Monday. Was enough better in evening after the morning in bed to still go to Mike's work Christmas do though. Drinks in the pickerel (where we bumped into mobbsy - his post mentioning the same encounter definitely sums up a lot of what I love about Cambridge too). Much beer was drink anyway, enough to get free gift beer as well, which somehow got finished too. Then onwards to Cafe Uno for food, which was good. And much wine was drunk too. And a fair bit was quietly snaffled home by Mike at my instigation at the end of the evening. Nice to meet people, and I made an effort to chat to others and not just Mike and it was worth it.

Today was back at work, got away without the hangover which I so deserved to have suffered. Was very tired though, and catching up yesterday's work too, so it wasn't the most productive day ever. A quiet afternoon of reading and dozing and then out for Christmas dinner at the Carlton, organised by the lovely ceb. There were 22 of us in the end, and Jethro and Terri did themselves proud and produced great food, in good time, with lots of it, and service with a smile. A really lovely evening. And I even got three quid back from the four I fed into the quiz machine, bargain!

Tomorrow Peter has organised yet another lovely meal out, this time Tapas to celebrate his birthday. And Thursday I have a date with Mike, since we won't see each other over Christmas itself. I think for once we'll skip on the eating out. You can see why this time of year isn't great for slimming!

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