Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


NMA was great fun: and I have three bruises to show for it, which is quite restrained really. I rather enjoyed the support too courtesy of Goldblade who were really quite barking bad in a very bouncy sort of way. So there you go, I have now "sung" at the Junction.

Thursday was meeting at work to discuss where we go from here. Basically it boils down to increasing to 5 hours from Jan, with pay increasing pro rata. Hoping to get back to full time by the beginning of March. And the appointments committee are meeting next week, and James is recommending they reappoint for a year in the first instance. All positive stuff!

The work Christmas do was surprisingly good too. The people organising it had put a huge amount of effort in and transformed the foyer with decorations, tables groaning with the weight of food and drink, and even disco lights and space to dance. The food was good and far *too* plentiful. There was good bottled beer much to people's surprise, which was very much appreciated. Chatted to various people from the computing staff, had a bit of a dance, including being dragged into the conga around the room to some random song. All good natured fun. We stayed later than we thought we would, but by 8ish it was getting a bit loud for talking, so a splitters party headed to the Free Press where we were joined by Mike and by Michael's lovely partner Graham, and we managed to drag John out of the office to join us too. More beer was consumed and there was much discussion of drugs and rock and roll but only glancing mentions of sex. All in all great fun, and I made it back to the Carlton in time for a pint on the way home too.

Today I finally made it into town to finish (eg start properly) on Christmas shopping. Several hours of wandering round the town centre later I have at least something for Mike and Richard, my parents, my sisters and their blokes as well as a few odds and ends of silly things for other friends. Much more successful than I was expecting. Need to wrap at least one of them tonight really. Dinner is just cooking now, then I'll be off to join Mike in town for a drink before we hit the Junction again. I ache lots and my stomach is being distinctly grumbly, though I've not let it win so far, but I reckon I'm going to have a great time anyway.

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