Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Right, done.

Enough hacking on the CV, it will do as it is now.

Party last night was fun, cake was much appreciated, though nowhere near as excitingly decorated as the one Jenn and Matthew brought (should I call him Matt, when everyone but Mike apparently does these days?). Purple hair went down well too. I *really* like it anyway, and that's what mattered. Only thing that marred the evening was being sick once I'd tried to go to bed. Not good. Time to take dodgy stomach to doctors, since it clearly wasn't overindulgence in alcohol (two glasses of white wine) and the colour was distinctly alarming (really quite red, which wouldn't worry me if I'd been drinking red wine but in the circumstances is a bit worrying).

Nice lie-in this morning, though managed to get up before it got dark for a change. And Mike came over to ours to watch the third Back to the Future film this afternoon, so we could finally give him the boxed set back. Been working on CV and cooking and eating dinner since. Time to curl up ion the bath for a little now perhaps. And give my mum a ring. Think I could do with a nice early night.

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