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Friday I shall be at PopArt in Cambridge. And I'm sorry but I won't be at the oxmeat.

What to say about the last few days... I feel like I've been on a non-stop birthday celebration.

Port and cheese on Friday night was lovely. Steph and I had fun on Saturday shopping for party food and making vast heaps of salad and the like.

The party itself was *great*. It was lovely to see such a lot of people, and such a nice mix. Everyone seemed to always have someone to talk to. Lois, Kathy and Toby were all complete pets, and lovely to see, but left early enough not to inconvenience even the most inveterate of those who don't like children much. People brought me lovely presents, many of which were edible, including an amazing strawberry cheesecake from Beth. I've been spoiled for CDs by Sion and Jan and Tez, and also have lovely smelly things from Lush and a set of *fluffy pink fairy lights* which made me squeal with joy almost as much as they did the two small girls!

I played social butterfly and tried to talk to everyone at least a bit, though I know I failed. Much was drunk and etten. RJK and Vicky seemed to get on very well with Art and Faye. I was amused at the righteousness of Steph in defence of my right to sleep in my own room though, while I was gigglingly speculating as to whether I'd have to crash in the living room. They did emerge eventually though. Late in the evening dodgy cocktails were made, and people gradually began to curl up and doze or snore. And as I crawled off to bed at 4am there were still a bunch giggling over the latest Boku No Sucky Sucky episode in the computer room.

Woke to find most of the tidying had been done before I got downstairs and Tez and Nile doing sterling work on the drying up while rjk washed. Much tea and not enough croissants were consumed. Graham, Marisa and Nile called a taxi and the rest of us slouched off to the Carlton for Sunday lunch, which Steph and Dave bought me as a birthday treat. At the time I was feeling only slightly hungover, and some fresh air, roast lamb and a puint of beer cheered me up no end. Spent the afternoon playing silly card games with Mike and David, which was lovely, though perhaps the alcoholic family business was unwise. At around this point the hangover decided to finally emerge. More people arrived and left (Toby, Jac, Ian, Jan, Owen, Sion and Matt Bell) and Mike and I stayed to be sociable as I got gradually greener and greener. I don't think I've felt so hungover in my life, or at least not when I wasn't safely at home where I could pull the duvet over my head and just groan a lot. But I made it home in one piece in the end, and some painkillers and antacids soon made me feel well enough to sleep. sorry if I was a bit out of it towards the end!

At this point really it should have stopped being my birthday, but last night Mike took me out for the second half of my birthday present. Cocktails in Trinity Vaults, followed by dinner at La Margherita, and back to his for whisky and bed. It couldn't have been a much more perfect evening really. Wonderful food, great drink and even better company. *kiss*

So that's 4 days of birthday celebrations

Today I have spent the afternoon with no internet (eventually diagnosed as dodgy cabling) and hence napping and reading. Quiet night in tonight I think! 2 x CSI at 9, and then bed.

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