Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Strange Days

OK, so I'm logged on from Relativity's computer room. Richard is beside me with his laptop. It's all a bit odd really.

Spent yesterday afternoon tidying at home before Mum and Dad arrived, and was turfed out of the house as soon as they'd arrived and been fed. Nice dinner anyway, I have to admit it was definitely pleased with that batch of chilli, though perhaps it could have been bigger. Pleasant evening watching Clare, Ian and Mike helping Sebi debug his latest board game - it's still a very early incarnation and this is the first play-testing it has got. Seemed to be moderately entertaining anyway, and I think Sebi went away with several ideas for improvement. Staying with Mike instead of Richard is a bit of an odd thing when Richard is in the same house, but still...

Up in time for brunch at, erm, 2pm. But then my parents did wake me at 8:15 looking for an extension cable for their drill. Drill! Why do they need a drill? I dread to think. They spoke to me mid afternoon though and all seemed to be going well. Meeting them for dinner and a couple of drinks in the Carlton before heading off to wish Marisa a happy birthday.

Tomorrow's plans include another long lie-in no doubt - and I'll have to find something else to read having got through the two Chalet School books I brought with me. Thankfully this is not a house which is short of books. Lunch is booked at the Galleria for 12:30 though, so it probably won't be as long a lie-in as I like. Especially if they're done in good time and we get to do the Changing Rooms style revelation scene before we eat. Still it's shaping up to be a very pleasant weekend, and it's nice having a housebold of company all day for a change.
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