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In an amusing role reversal I just kissed Richard goodnight outside the Carlton, and sent him round to Mike's house while I headed home to bed. He is of course just going to play aliens with Ian and Col, but still. Bed soon. Pleasant day anyway: crap at work due to too little sleep, but nice lunch with Andrew, which Mike joined us for, then a nice time in the pub. Talked to Tom (de Mulder) and Rachel for a while, before catching up with Mike and his friend Matthew (just back from 6 months in Uganda) plus Jenn and Ned and Beth. Might have done a bit of revelling in the wonderfulness of our respective blokes with Jan *innocent look*. And beer. Mmmm beer. A very nice pint of Landlord thanks, and a something else which was a bit pale and odd. And a good run on the quiz machine, definitely got my 2 quid's worth of play out of it.

Pub lunch tomorrow, then Richard and I are moving into GR for the weekend to let my parents decorate. Oh dear what *have* I let us in for!

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