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Less drunk, more coherent.

Mike's pretty much summed up my last couple of days already actually. Long-lie in on Saturday morning followed by pottering about reading and a game of chess with rjk. Then later Saturday afternoon Mike came round to watch Bridget Jones 1 on DVD, which was pleasant, with fresh-baked pain-au-chocolat to accompany it. One of which I stuck a birthday candle in and blew out: thinking happy birthday thoughts for Col, but saving the wish for him to make for himself later. Then we had a game of chess (losing *again*) while waiting for pizza to arrive. Which it duly did with free wine too, which we put in the fridge to cool while we ate and drank a pre-chilled bottle, before taking it along to Ross and Vicky's housewarming, along with a bottle of pink. Strange to be drinking again, but I figured since the indigestion seemed to be being more or less the same even without the booze I could probably give it a try. Seems to have been worth the risk, though I still intend to keep consumption at much lower levels than normal.

It was a great little party, even if the similarity of the flat to Vicky's old one was rather disconcerting! Talked to lots of people, mostly in various forms of kitchen party. Pink wine was followed by a TVI (Tequila, Vodka and Irn Bru) which was later transformed into a TiVo with the addition of orange juice, and later followed by a rather more sensible cointreau and lemonade. I really deserved to be much more hungover this morning than I was in reality. The kitchen conversation on piercings with Mike and Stu was entertaining and educational at the same time, so must have been a good thing. Then we realised the living room had somewhat emptied and took advantage of the comfy chairs for a while, until 2am crept up on us and it was time to go home. Having swapped verbal permission for Stu's arm on my shoulder and my hand on his thigh it seemed like non-verbal permission was given for a goodnight snog, and I hope no offence was caused there anyway. *grin*.

Today I had a nice long lie-in, with cold pizza and the last pain-au-chocolat for breakfast: perfect hangover recovery food. Enjoyed BJ 2 at the cinema, and I didn't shed a tear at all oh-no never. OK so I'm a soppy cow really. Coffee and cake afterwards at CB2. Very very nice chocolate torte, with a nice berry sauce, which I entirely forgot to save Mike any of. Sat and talked long after we'd finished the coffee too, but it was good, and left me feeling very smiley indeed. I do feel so very very lucky to inspire such affection in someone I care so much for myself. Home to geek a bit, then dinner with rjk: rather a nice pasta sauce if I do say so myself, with an even nicer bottle of wine which rjk's dad sent home with him last time he visited, and which in fact I'd opened by mistake. A rather nice error to make. More CSI on telly tonight, even if it was one we'd seen before. Shame there doesn't seem to be any Law and Order on at the moment. Finishing off the wine now while I geek and digest food, and then I think it'll be time for an early bed. Though perhaps less early than I would be having if I was running on Egyptian time like Mike (and Clare?).

Definitely a good weekend, especially once you add Friday night in too. Hopefully back to work rested and happy tomorrow.

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