Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Monday's child is absolutely shattered

I love staying over at Mike's but somehow we really have to learn to sleep instead of staying up half the night talking and *mumble*. At least it was only half I suppose. It's awfully nice at the time but really takes it out of you the next day.

A pleasant Monday overall really: work busy, nice lunch with Richard in town, a quiet afternoon at home and then post-pizza (having skipped the pizza itself) was really nice. Dunno what was different but it definitely seemed to have a very mellow nature. And smelled wonderfully of mulled wine. Today I've mostly been dopey. Work wasn't a complete washout though. TNT said they'd redeliver rjk's computer between 1:30 and 2:30 so I dashed home afterwards to be there in time - and discovered they'd left another not at 1:15. Tomorrow rjk is working from home, although he's had to promise not to open it on work time ;-)

Spent the afternoon asleep and dreaming of putting on a play (badly). It was a bit chalet-school-ish in terms of the other actors, and writing a card for the head teacher, whose name I couldn't remember. The play itself seemed like it was supposed to be awfully familiar. But not familiar enough, since I was trying to do it without learning the lines and ended up adlibbing wildly. I had a moral. And dip. And a tree. And a posh drawing room. And a small fire as a diversionary tactic. Hmmm, hints of Mansfield Park in there now I think of it. All a bit vague. And I was half awake through some of it and found myself telling one of the other dream characters to remind me to actually learn my part next time, even if it was for a dream.

Dinner is cooking now, though god knows what it'll do: curry sauce from a jar but I prepared it for sticking in the oven and then read the label and discovered it was a cook-on-the-hob type. Will see how it comes out I guess. Two CSIs to watch later. Not sure if I've seen the Miami one before or not. I get the suspicion I have but can't really recall the details. Maybe that means it's worth watching again anyway.
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