Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Gigs update

DJ Yoda was fun. Missed the Bees.

Things I still want to see:

Friday 12th NovemberComberton Theatre, CombertonShow of Hands
Sunday November 21stThe JunctionThe Damned
Sunday December 5thThe JunctionEzio
Wednesday December 15thThe JunctionNew Model Army
Saturday January 29ththe Mean FiddlerApocalyptica
Friday February 4thBrixton AcademyRammstein

Metalish: Have tickets for NMA and Rammstein. Thinking about Apocalyptica. Vicky, Mike and Mobbsy are going, and I'm very tempted to join them. If anyone else is up for it let me know and I'll organise tickets. I think I can resist The Damned on this occasion.

Folk: Show of Hands is a bit far out, so tempted to skip it. Hmmm, though my mum and dad are here that evening, might have to see if they're up for it again, since they're going in Leeds. Ezio I'd *really* love to see. Can I persuade anyone to come? I can lend you a live CD from last time they played the Junction if you like.

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