Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Back at work. Knackered but coping. Bored already but trying to plough through the backlog of routine stuff quickly rather than faffing too much (which, erm, is of course why I'm not updating this journal right now oh no). Could really have done with more sleep but never mind.

Looks like rjk is going to be actually admitted to hospital at least overnight on Tuesday, rather than having the operation on his toe then. They could have like actually *told* him this in advance rather than waiting until he rang up today and asked if there was anything he needed to know/do in advance. I'll be glad when it's over anyway.

Seeing the doctor this evening. Don't know what to say. Not sure if I'm coping or not at the moment, it all seems to come in phases of feeling dreadful and then being a bit better again. I really must learn to go to bed earlier though, I'm sure being tired all the time doesn't help.

Anyway, back to work. At least I have nice things with me for lunch. Will have to make sure I have a nice evening in with rjk tonight to help relax him for tomorrow
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