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Strange Day, plus request for help

Poor Richard woke in pain and there weren't any painkillers in the house. A not terribly productive day for me at work, though the routine did go more quickly than earlier in the week, which is an improvement. Great lunch with Andrew at the USSC. Their food is cheap and cheerful, and we gossiped and giggled and chatted about nothing much for ages. He is a very very bad man sometimes. Home in the afternoon via Tesco to buy ibuprofen and cream cakes. Which were duly administered to Richard. Cream cakes being well known to be excellent for making ill people feel better. Had a nice brief gossip with my mum on the phone and finally gave her measurements of our bathroom. Which reminds me:

Help!: Anyone want to put me and Richard up for the night of Saturday 13th? We're being evicted for the day while they decorate.

Have decided to stay home and keep him company this evening, rather than going to the pub. Which sadly means not seeing Mike this evening after all but I'm sure we'll live. Got lots of washing up done while the dinner was cooking: chicken kievs and chips and onion rings - to make up for not having pub food :-) Shall probably spend the rest of the evening reading while rjk geeks. Or might give my hair another coat of dye. Decided it was time for another change. Not telling what colour it is, though feel free to guess.

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