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What an excellent evening

Nice dinner with both my lovely blokes. A sort of lentil-based stew with sliced sausage and bacon, adapted from a recipe my dad used to make. Came out very nicely this time (my cooking's a bit random sometimes) and went well with CUSFS.

Then I curled up on the sofa with Mike and Ghostbusters and we giggled our way through the film. The doggies really haven't stood the test of time very well, as special effects go. Still very very funny indeed.

We wandered upstairs and sat in front of the computer looking at photos til rjk got home. Some nice pics, and nice to see Mike's reactions to them. And I poked through various directories and found some entertaining bits and pieces: like the AFP group photo from the first discworld con.

And then it was 10pm and time for ADW's rather excellent set on CUR1350 tonight. Some great great tracks, ones I knew and ones I didn't. Tomorrow I'll be downloading the available mp3s from http://www.thesubways.net/webpages/mp3/ since 1am was great. Waved Mike home to sleep partway through (though in fact he reappeared on irc from home and didn't actually vanish til the show had finished.

And last but not least rjk has been downloading and playing silly bits and pieces. Audio and video clips from Bad Taste, including the quote about the chunky bit, and the shot of the sheep blowing up. And then he played the mnah mnah song from the muppets! Yay!

Now it must be bedtime. Definitely need a nice long sleep, but I'm feeling terribly relaxed and happy right now.

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