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Eleanor Blair

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Pleasant day

Up moderately early for a Sunday. Cut rjk's hair before lunch, spend most of the afternoon reading the next in the Chalet School. Mike came round for a cuppa, and ended up with coffee-tea since he answered "yes" when asked which he preferred. It turned out this wasn't in fact what he preferred at all, and in the end I drank it. Then Mike and I spent the tail end of the afternoon making more toffee. This is an entertaining experience which involves consuming far too much half-cooked sugar in the meantime. It was ready to pour out to set at just the same time dinner was. After dinner all three of us pottered over to the Carlton to see Sue off. A very entertainingly silly evening, of which I hope we will soon be seeing lots of low-res photos from Simon's phone. It's been nice to have her around for a couple of weeks, and sad to say goodbye again so soon. But hey, there's always LJ and irc. Home now because we're tired, will try and get an early night. Looking forward to dinner out tomorrow.

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