Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Two different sorts:

First having Mike around for a couple of days and now having rjk back. Nice to have people round the house. I was so tired by Thursday this week that I booked Friday off work, which meant I didn't have to get up quite so painfully early as usual, which was rather pleasant.

Second: cooking. Parkin is in the oven, toffee is cooling. Kitchen is no longer *complete* bombsite, there's just lots of washing up. I had a mad dash to the shops to buy eggs partway through, leaving the boiling sugar turned right down. Bit risky but no harm done apparently, and I bought more self-raising flour and demerara sugar while I was there. And I have a small very pink patch on one finger where a drop of toffee landed on it while I was tipping it into the tin to cool. Ouch. Still, a rather successful case of following two recipes in parallel. I look forward to the results. But of course it being parkin I have to wait a week to eat it.

Edit: parkin safely out of oven and cooling, looking good. Toffee set. Anyone any clues how the hell to get it out of the tin? Well, technically not a tin, went for one of the square le creuset dishes.

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